Deductions from your SASSA account

What to do if you do not agree with a deduction from your SASSA account or you did not allow the deductions?
SASSA is responsible for the receipt, management and accounting for all disputes on deductions
that are registered with them.

Step 1
Go as soon as possible when you realise that you do not agree with a deduction to your nearest SASSA Local Office.
Step 2
You will have to register your dispute at the Help Desk at the pay point.
Step 3
1. The SASSA staff will register your dispute either electronically or manually.
2. You will need to provide the staff with the following documents and information:
2.1. Your full names
2.2. Your ID number
2.3. Nature of complaint – include details such as how long the problem has been going on
2.4. The value of the deductions being disputed
2.5. What the deduction has been for
Step 4
You will have to complete an affidavit and it must be commissioned by the Commissioners of Oaths appointed in each office.
You do not need to go to the Police Stations to complete these.

What happens after that?
Your completed affidavits will be sent to the regional official responsible for the co-ordination of all disputes.
He or she will forward the complaints and completed affidavits to SASSA department dealing with fraud.
What can be the possible outcomes?
a. Your account can blocked for future sales or products.
b. If you did not allow these deductions the money deducted (taken out ) will be refunded.

Contact details for South African Social Security Agency Head Office
SASSA House 
501 Prodinsa Building, corner Beatrix & Pretorius Streets
Private Bag X55662, Arcadia
Pretoria 0083
Tel: +27 12 400 2000 • Fax: +27 12 400 2257

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