Family Matters

Family matters

We may provide legal aid if you are experiencing problems between members of your family or household.

For example:

  • The mother or father of your child won’t let you see or talk to them;
  • You have found out that you are married to someone else;
  • Your husband or wife is abusing you physically or emotionally;
  • Your parents have passed on and you want to adopt your younger brothers and sisters;
  • You have been expelled from school for not paying school fees but don’t have any parents to help you financially;
  • Your boyfriend or girlfriend has a different opinion to you about whether or not you should keep your unborn baby.

If you have a family matter that you need legal help with, we suggest that you:

  1. First see if you qualify for legal aid; 
  2. If you feel you do, then Contact us and an adviser will guide you on the way forward.