Contract issues

Contract matters

We may provide legal aid if you are experiencing problems relating to a contract or an agreement between you and another person.

You enter into a contract whenever you buy something, or order or pay for a service. When you have entered into a contract, you and the person or business you’ve contracted must follow the terms that are in it. You are also protected from unfair terms in contracts or terms that try to take away your legal rights.

Examples of issues arising out of contracts:

  • You want to sue someone for not doing their job properly;
  • You bought something from someone but find out later it was stolen;
  • You bought something from someone who has been liquidated and now the liquidator wants the goods back;
  • Something you bought or are renting is damaged or doesn’t work like it should.

If you have a problem with a contract and you need legal help, we suggest that you:

  1. Familiarize yourself with the Rights As a Consumer on our Self-help portal
  2. Alternatively, if you qualify for legal aid then contact us and an advisor will guide you on the way forward.