Pensions / Older Person’s Grant (OPG)

In order to apply for an Older Person’s Grant the applicant must:

  • Be a South Africa citizen or a permanent resident
  • Be resident in South Africa at the time of application
  • Be 60 years or older
  • If married, the spouse must comply with the means test
  • Have a valid identity document or produce alternative identification

A person cannot apply for an Older Person’s Grant in the following cases:

  1. If they are living or being taken care of by any of the following institutions which are wholly funded by the state:
  • Prison
  • Old age home and state treatment centre
  • Psychiatric hospital
  • Drug rehabilitation centre

A person can still apply if they are in an institution which is partially funded by the state, however the grant would be reduced to 25%.

  1. If the applicant is receiving another adult social grant (unless it is a Grant-in-Aid).

Applicants for a grant must have proof of the following before applying:

  • South African bar-coded identity document (to prove identity, citizenship and age)
  • If single, an affidavit stating this fact
  • Marriage certificate if the person is married
  • Divorce papers if the person has been divorced
  • Death certificate, if the husband or wife died
  • If they are employed, a wage certificate
  • If they are unemployed, any UIF record of registration, discharge certificate from the previous employer
  • If they have a private pension, proof of the pension
  • If they have a bank account, bring a bank statement of three consecutive months
  • Proof of any other income and assets

*Information obtained courtesy – Black Sash