Conditional Exemptions

These exemptions are granted to a parent who qualifies for partial exemption but, owing to personal circumstances beyond his/her control, cannot pay the reduced amount.

It also applies to parents who do not qualify for exemptions but supply information that proves an inability to pay school fees owing to personal circumstances beyond their control.

Formula used




To calculate the formula, fill in the following values:
E = School fees as a proportion of the family income.
F = Annual school fees, for one child. (If a parent has more than one child at the same school and the fees are not the same for all of them, the highest fees must be used in the calculation).
A = Additional monetary contributions demanded by the school.
C = Combined gross income of parents.
100 = The number by which the answer arrived at in brackets is multiplied so as to convert it into a %.

*Information obtained courtesy of Blacksash