Full Exemption

If the school fees are more than 10% of the combined annual gross income of both parents, the child is fully exempt from paying school fees.

Formula used




To calculate the formula, fill in the following values:
E = School fees as a proportion of the family income.
F = Annual school fees, for one child. (If a parent has more than one child at the same school and the fees are not the same for all of them, the highest fees must be used in the calculation).
A = Additional monetary contributions demanded by the school.
C = Combined gross income of parents.
100 = The number by which the answer arrived at in brackets is multiplied so as to convert it into a %.

Gross Income is your money before deductions such as tax, UIF ,medical aid contributions and pensions

Example – Full Exemption

A single parent has one child in one school. This learner’s annual school fees are R2, 500 and the additional school expenses over the year come to R20. The parent’s gross income for that year is R25, 200.

Example – Full Exemption








The parent qualifies for a full exemption because the school fees are 10% of her income.

*Information courtesy of Blacksash