How do you apply for maintenance?

  • Phone your nearest Court to find out which court you should go to for maintenance

Phone the Maintenance Court and confirm what documents you need to bring for your
application. The following documents are usually required:

  • Identity Document
  • Identity number of person who is responsible to pay for maintenance
  • Bank statements if you have a bank account
  • List of the child/ children’s expenses
  • Documents to prove these expenses e.g. water and lights account, grocery slips, clothing accounts.
  • Contact details of the person who needs to pay maintenance such as their work address/residential address
  • Any details of their close family relatives who they are in contact with
  • Court order (if you already have one)
  • Divorce Agreement

Go to court and complete an application form ( Form A)

  • The court will provide you with a date when you need to come back. The other
    parent will also have to appear.
  • If the parent does not come to court ask the court to issue a subpoena to get the person to appear at court on a specific date.
  • You will receive a file number

Always use this number whenever you make enquires.
Make sure you get the method of payment to be recorded on the court order

Methods of payment

Maintenance can be collected in the following ways:

  • GARNISHEE ORDER –the company where the person works takes money directly from their salary and pays it into the COURTS bank account.
  • CASH PAYMENT – you collect the money over the counter at COURT
  • DIRECT PAYMENT into your bank account

The best way to collect MAINTENANCE is the direct deposit method.

The advantages are:

  • No travelling to court
  • No transport cost
  • No standing in long queues, and no time lost from work

Download and Print Forms