Partial Exemptions

If the school fees are between 3.5% and 10% of the combined annual gross income of both parents, the child will qualify for partial exemptions

Formula used




To calculate the formula, fill in the following values:
E = School fees as a proportion of the family income.
F = Annual school fees, for one child. (If a parent has more than one child at the same school and the fees are not the same for all of them, the highest fees must be used in the calculation).
A = Additional monetary contributions demanded by the school.
C = Combined gross income of parents.
100 = The number by which the answer arrived at in brackets is multiplied so as to convert it into a %.

Example – Partial Exemption
A parent has one child in a school. The annual school fees are R2, 500, annual additional monetary contributions amount to R20. The parent’s gross annual income is R30, 000
Example – Partial Exemption






The school fees are between 3, 5% and 10% of the parent’s total income. The parent will
therefore qualify for a partial exemption.

  • A parent with one child at the school who spends 8, 5% of her income on school fees qualifies for a 91% fee exemption.
  • 91% of R2, 500 is R2, 275
  • R2, 500 – R2, 275 = R225
  • The parent will therefore have to pay R225 in school fees for one child

*Information obtained courtesy of Blacksash