Invitation to be included on Legal Aid SA’s Recruitment Database

Legal Aid SA is the biggest law firm in South Africa, with 64 Local Offices and 64 Satellite Offices throughout the country. The organisation employs well over 1,700 lawyers. Legal Aid SA would like to invite recruitment agencies to be included on Legal Aid SA’s recruitment database.

Primarily, Legal Aid SA conducts its advertising through print media and via its website. Recruitment houses will only be used once these primary mediums are exhausted. Once on Legal Aid SA’s recruitment database, recruitment agencies will be used on a rotational basis. The database will be updated every three years.

Recruitment agencies are required to submit the following information when applying:

  • Indicate their speciality e.g. Legal, Human Resources, Finance, IT, Communications/Marketing and Audit.
  • Company profile depicting project experience, with a minimum of five (5) years experience in recruitment agency services.
  • A minimum of four (4) reference letters or completion certificates from previous/present clients where recruitment agency services were/are rendered. All letters must be on a letterhead and signed by the client. The client must be contactable and the contact details provided must include:
  • Contact person;
  • Designation;
  • Company name;
  • Phone number;
  • E-mail address; and
  • Landline and mobile number.
  • Capacity to deliver on all requirements as the terms of reference: Evidence of qualifications of individuals, number of skilled people to do the job and expertise (CVs, list of people and expertise).
  • Proof of registration on National Treasury’s Central Supplier Database (CSD) which should reflect that the bidder is an active supplier, is tax compliant and is not a restricted supplier.

The following SBD forms need to be completed and submitted with the application, and are available on Legal Aid SA’s website ( The direct link to the forms is:

  • SBD 1
  • SBD 4
  • SBD 6.1
  • SBD 8
  • SBD 9

For technical information and/or queries, please contact Ms Siphesihle Molefe: 011 877 2134/078 230 5602. Please send applications to  

The closing date for submissions is 23 March 2021 by 12pm.