Suspension of Child Support Grants

Is it legal to suspend a Child Grant and what should I do?

Yes, SASSA can review your child’s grant to ensure that only those who qualify receive it BUT SASSA must follow a process.

You will be told three (3) months in advance if the grant is going to be reviewed.

Why is a grant suspended?

A child grant may be suspended for one or more of the following reasons:

  • The child is no longer in your care
  • There is a dispute over who the true primary caregiver of the child is (an investigation will take place)
  • If you fail to cooperate when the child’s grant is reviewed
  • If you have committed fraud or misrepresented information

 There may also be other reasons:

  • The child has died
  • The child has been admitted to a state institution
  • The caregiver does not collect the grant for three months in a row
  • The child is absent from the country
  • The child turns 18 (this will only happen at the end of the month in which their birthday falls)

Why does this happen?

  • SASSA might need proof of identity of the child
  • They want to make sure that the child is still in school
  • That you are the primary caregiver has not changed

 After the investigation, if passed the review, the child support grant will be reinstated.

What can you do if your Grant is suspended?

If your application is suspended or is not approved, you must be informed in writing.

If you disagree, you can go to the Appeals Tribunal within 90 days of being notified.

After 90 days, appeals can only happen in exceptional circumstances.

If you have any queries related to your social grant, you can contact the:

  • Black Sash Helpline on 072 663 3739
  • Legal Aid Advice Line on 0800 110 110 

*Information obtained courtesy – Black Sash